how to recognize the last row of an import

  • 27 December 2020
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Does any one know how to recognize the last row of an import?   I am trying to have it insert a particular account number at the end of the import to balance the GL batch. Thanks 


Best answer by Gabriel Michaud 28 December 2020, 16:35

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Hi @alicia23 

I could not find a way to get the last row on import. Can you elaborate the business requirement? Is this a  periodic/regular import(or one time)? Cant the line be inserted on source excel (or whatever format used) itself?

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Hi Vkumar

This is a auto repeating import that will be grabbing the file from another system.  The other system is not pushing out credit’s and debits.  This is for AR transactions so I figured that last entry would be the AR account.  If you manually put in a journal transaction and for the last line you enter the account and hit return if auto balances the journal for you.  So i was trying to have that happen in my import.  thanks 

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@alicia23 I’ve been faced with a similar requirement in the past. Like Vijay mentioned there is no one to do this strictly from the import scenario, however I can suggest alternative solutions that I have used successfully in the past:


  1. Use a second import scenario that takes care of inserting the AR account for transactions. This requires no programming or customization, but if this is something you schedule you will have to take care of running the second scenario after the first one.
  2. Build a relatively simple customization that inserts/updates the AR line automatically upon save of the entry. you need to override the Persist() function of the graph and do your logic there. I would suggest running this only when Base.IsImport == true or to add a checkbox in the screen that you set via your import scenario to indicate that the AR line should be added/updated automatically on save.
  3. If your logic starts getting too complex, you could consider a 100% custom processing screen. This is more work but will ultimately give you total control over the processing.


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Hi Gabriel ,

Those are great suggestions.  I’ll try the customization,  Thank you !!


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