uploading vendor payments for 1099s from a prior system

  • 22 January 2024
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We implemented Acumatica mid-year and I was told that I could simply upload the information once I gathered the vendor number, name and amount paid in the previous system.  It starts with creating a separate account and designating it to take on balances for 1099s, but I am not finding any instructions on that, does anyone have the steps to do that?


7 replies

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Complete steps can be found in this post answered a few weeks ago:

  1. Update Vendor Profile to check ON 1099 Vendor.
  2. Open all Bills (Paid, unpaid, … ALL of them for 2023) for the Vendor shown above and add the correct 1099 Box Number to every line where appropriate (expense reimbursements should not need a box #, only revenue paid to the vendor).
  3. If you have a large quantity, the above link includes instructions for mass update.  Box numbers may also be added via import scenario.



I am not finding a link.  I don’t need to change anything we paid in Acumatica, I just need to add the payments from the previous accounting system.  Thanks

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Payments made in the previous accounting system may be imported with AP Migration Mode turned on, into the AP Bills screen with 2023 dates.  Import AP Bill Lines with original amount and 1099 box # , and import document header showing $0 unpaid Balance.  These migrated documents will not increase the vendor balance and will be included in 2023 1099 figures.


We have tried this in our test environment and they do not show up in any of the 1099 reports.

I have even tried the “Recalculate Vendor Totals” to see if that would update the totals paid, but all Acumatica is reflecting in the 1099 reports are the amounts we paid through Acumatica.

Looks like what is making this work is putting in an expense date on the line of the bill that is in the year for 1099 reporting and then individually recalculating by vendor.  When I recalculate by a vendor type it is missing some.

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Hi @jweber were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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