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  • 10 July 2024
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Hello Acumatica Community,

What service have companies used for “simple” sales tax rate updates in Acumatica?  We are not looking for something like Avalara but just simply update the rates inside Acumatica for the states there is nexus.  



Nirav Shah

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Hi @nshah90 

You have the option to configure taxes by setting the tax rate as illustrated below and assigning them to the corresponding Tax zones and categories. This process will assist you in managing your taxes effectively.



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Thanks but I am looking for a automatic web service that can automatically update the tax rates insides Acumatica instead of manually updating the rates.

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Hello @nshah90 ,

Edited based on our note above: there is another service called Tax Jar.

I agree with the screens Jini is showing but most clients who manage their own taxes in my experience do not use any “Manual” rates.  Instead, Taxes and zones for each City. County and State are configured, like this example from California:

Tax rate is updated manually (or imported) on Tax Schedule tab each time the taxing authorities change the Rates.



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Thanks @Laura02 ,

I am interested in the importing tax rates instead of manually updating the rates.  

@Laura02  I am trying to create Several States where they are destination sales tax. I need to have WI, NY and NJ.. What is the easiest way to setup State, County, City and some special taxes. I have been able to figure out Sales tax for City and State but not County. My other struggle is Use Tax Rates for City and State.


Debby W.

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There is no easy way to set up Sales Tax.

I have set up Sales Tax for many states, for people who do not subscribe to tax services. It’s always a lot of work, but can be done. Once the initial setup is complete, it’s not too much work to update rates going forward.

Use your state’s department of revenue website to download tax details. These sites will normally break tax down into its components for you.  States provide % State, % County, % City, and % special for every zip code.  If we are lucky, it’s downloadable. Sometimes states provide PDF. 👎

Another source is Avalara:  look at this link!  They offer state tax rates in Excel/Csv!


Once you have the rates,

  1. Set up a Tax for each State, City, County, Special rate. Plus 0% if the state requires Not Taxable items/revenue to be reported. Don’t forget, some states have different rates for Items too - like solar panels and explosives.
  2. Add all taxes to proper zones - combine them to get correct tax rates for geographical areas.
  3. Add Zones to customers.
  4. Configure reports.

Use tax, in my experience in the US, is not extra work. Use tax is just adding one line to the Tax Schedule tab of every tax as shown, then adding a zone to the vendors who should have charged you tax but didn’t:

I configure reports for every client in the US the same way. This example is from Sales Demo company, originally.

Report settings: copy from Acumatica demo. (Ask VAR for demo tenant if needed.)

Ask VAR to set up sales tax for you if needed.


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Sales Tax Webinar available here, including videos:




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