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  • 28 March 2022
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I am looking to expand my profit and loss statement to include details for each of the expense accounts. I currently have my expenses grouped together and I am not sure how to show them all separately. For example, the salaries I have 10 g/l accounts for and everything is grouped together as salaries….


Does anyone have experience in customizing the P/L?


Thank you! I appreciate any feedback!


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In the Row Set of your report, click on the Data Source on the GL lines that represent the expenses that should be expanded.   Expand by Account and choose the Row Description that you like.


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Hi @Cetylite , if you are using the standard Profit and Loss report from Acumatica, by default they are set to group by Account Class.

Acumatica’s Financial Report writer utilizes row sets and column sets to determine what data is being shown on the financial report. The row set determines the date you see going down in the rows and the columns sets determine the information you see across the top.

To expand the expense accounts, you first need to figure out which row set is being used on your report. You can see this by going into your Proift & Loss report and click on the EDIT REPORT option

Once you click “EDIT REPORT”, you’ll see the Report Definition:

My P&L Is using the DPL Report Definition and DPL Row Set


If you click the pencil icon next to the Row Set, this will bring up the Row Set definition. My advice is that before editing any Row Sets, click the COPY ROW SET to make a backup of the existing set so you have something to go back to.

You can see on row 0300 is my Salaries grouping and it is pointed to the EXPERS account class. You can double click on the Data Source for EXPERS and click the Magnifying Glass to open it

This will bring you to the options where you’ll want to use the drop down to Expand

Here you can expand to the Account level or even the Subaccount level. If you select “Account”, you’ll then get options to show what description you want on the lines

Click OK, then save your Row Set. This should expand out your account group on your P&L.


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