Journal Transactions from Trial Balance Not Working

  • 24 March 2022
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I am trying to import my initial balances, I have imported a Trial Balance but when I release it, it shows me entirely different numbers in some accounts and will not let me edit anything.  The Journal Transaction that is created is out of balance and there’s nothing that I see that I can do to get my initial balances in the system.

This is my import spreadsheet:



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Hi @albalma  

When you posted the Trial Balance, did everything match? Were there any errors or expections?

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Hello @Albalma, If the sign of the trial balance is normal (setting in GL preferences), we don’t include the Net Income account when importing opening balances. We import assets, Liabilities (excluding YTD net income account: another GL Preferences setting) , Income and Expense only.  See if you can balance without your account 3131-0.



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Also, an alternate method of importing the beginning balances is via GL Journal Transactions screen. Use “import from file” button above the transaction grid. For this method, separate debit and credit balances into two columns.  If the debit and credit totals match in your excel, they will match in Acumatica once imported. Again, skip over account 3131-0… it will take care of itself when the income/expense balances come into the system.


Did you ever figure out what caused this?  I am having the same issue

Hello, yes, but it's more of a workaround than a fix.  A fix is possible, but it requires closing all balanced entries for the initial year. Some other adjustments may be needed and when everything is right, then it works well.  It's important to keep in mind that these entries only create a journal entry to make all balances the ones we wanted.  It is possible to do this with a JE, but then it's slightly harder to make everything match. 


What I did was copy the JE that's created by the system and make a new one, then fix the balances so they're actually balanced. That worked, but without closing all balanced entries there will be issues later on.


Hope this helps,




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