Journal Transaction by Period does not show beginning balances

  • 12 April 2023
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I am uploading 2020 and 2021 Journal Transactions. Whereas, the 2020 entries were accurate, the 2021 entries do not appear to include opening balances. This is only happening on various Companies and GL Accounts.


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More details are needed, please.

Can you show a picture of the screen or report you are using? It will help us to answer if we see the exact screen or report and then verify we’re looking at the same screen or report.

What Period and what type of account is being selected?  Can you show one company that is working versus one that is not?  Thank you.


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Below if you go to the YELLOW, you will see the correct Trial Balance for 1/1/22 with good beginning balances, but if you look at the next image the Beginning Balances are not there for all the accounts. For NEWCO – see below the ending 12/31/22 Trial Balance that matches BT as of 12/2022:


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For beginning 2022:


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It seems like your report incorrectly shows $0 beginning balance on Journal Transactions for Period where the account has no activity, even though it should show correct beginning and ending balance.

I tried the same situation in my Sales Demo version  2023 R1 Beta and the Journal Transactions for Period report in version 2023 R1 beta DOES show correct beginning and ending balances where the account has no activity for the period:

In what version has your report been printed?

Is the report customized?  If you are in the Report Designer Role, you can see custom versions of Journal Transactions for Period on the Report Versions tab. If you see custom versions on the Report Versions tab , Mark them Inactive and print again.

Depending on your findings, perhaps you will think about an upgrade. Good luck!

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Also - if you are noticing balances that seem to be “weird” you can try running the “recalculate account history” (Available under Finance > Processes > Recalculate Account History).  Sometimes the summary tables that the reports use don’t update correctly.

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Laura ~ thank you for the feedback.

This client started implementation January 2023 with version ERP 2022 R2, not sure if upgrading is an option at this point…. Also, the report is not customized.


Megan ~ thank you as well for you advice.

When recalculating, is this performed per month and do I need to start at the beginning of history?

Can I recalculate 1 time for ALL Branches and Companies or is this done on an individual basis?

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Based on the help documentation, you’ll select a single financial period.  I’d select whatever period the error starts in, so maybe 12-2021 or 01-2022 based on what you sent above.

Since you only pick the period and ledger(s) on this form,  if all your companies are in the same tenant, then recalculating account history will run for all companies.  Process All will recalculate all Ledgers or use Process to recalculate only selected Ledgers.  If your companies are in different tenants, then you’d need to run it in each tenant.

Element Description
Fin. Period The financial period starting in which you want to recalculate the account balances in the ledgers. By default, the first period that is open in the general ledger is selected in this box.


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