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  • 6 January 2021
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Hi Sir

There is a problem that i encountered below. Not sure if there is any way to solve in acumatica system?

We have purchased item A USD1000 , however the item A will be temporary keep at supplier site for do some testing , we are holding the ownership of the item A , consider that is our inventory should reflected in financial report.

In system , may i know how to locate these USD1000 inventory but not allow the system to allocat the order once order is placed for this item .

Currently.we are try to put under different warehouse location but the qty is stil reflected under inventory qty and system will allocate the item once the order is placed where the item is not physical in our warehouse .


Hopefully can get some solution for the above matter.

Thank you



6 replies

How about a different warehouse, not just a warehouse location?  We have set up vendor warehouses so we can track inventory we own, but is out for processing.  When you get the item from the vendor, then do a transfer to your actual physical warehouse.

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Hi Noah

I am not very understnad what do you mean? Could you please give me a guide or a example for me better understanding?

If would be helpful if you could give me a example and where to do the setting of vendor warehouse


Thank you !!!

It sounds like you are trying to put the items in different Warehouse location as in this screenshot:

Warehouse Location

and the items are still being allocated.  What I am suggesting is creating a new Warehouse entirely (new Warehouse ID) and putting the items in there.  We have one physical warehouse, but several virtual warehouses that we named after our vendors that hold our inventory for us to do work on.  See this screenshot:

Only one is our physical warehouse


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Hi Noah

Firstly, thanks for your explaination in details.

What do you mean is one physical warehouse ID 001  where the physical stock in the warehouse .

The rest virtual warehouse ID like A000 , B000 , C000 is for different supplier to put under this warehouse ID where the inventory is not in our warehouse (but we hold the ownership of stock), once we received the stock from supplier A , B ,C and transfer to physical warehouse ID 001 .

Not sure my understanding above is correct?

If Yes, my question as below.

Virtual warehouse A000, B000 C000 : the qty in virtual warehouse is still can allocate from system , am i right? Not sure if we need to do other setting that wont be let order to allocate the qty under virtual warehouse ID A000, B000, C000.

Currently , we did try to put under separate warehouse ID , However system still able to allocate the qty under warehouse ID A000, B000. C000.

Not sure if we miss out any step of this.

Hope to hear from you soon

I’m sorry Erin, I’m still a beginner.  You did understand what I was suggesting, but I don’t know how to get Acumatica to do what you need.  I don’t fully understand allocation in this context very well at all.  Sorry I couldn’t be more of a help.  Hopefully a real expect here can chime in.


Good luck!

Erin, did you make any progress on this topic?


We are now running into a similar issue.  We have “Demo” products that are not for sale so we’ve been storing them in the “DEMO” location at our main warehouse.  Unfortunately they always show up as ‘Available’.  When the ‘Include in Qty. Available’ checkbox under the warehouse location is checked, they show up as available from the DEMO location, but when it is not checked they show up as Available in “UNASSIGNED”...this seems crazy.  Would love a way to truly isolate these products, but or course still track them


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