Intercompany Transactions in different Ledgers

  • 11 July 2022
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Does Inter-company transactions feature require both companies to use the same Ledger and Base Currency?

I’m trying to create Transactions in one company with a base currency of GBP with another company using EUR currencies. Both companies use a different Ledger.


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HI @dstjohn84 

They can have different currencies. See the example below. 


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Can the companies have different Ledgers?

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Yes they can. These two have different Currency and different Ledgers. 

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Hello Team, I am very curious about this topic… Since the new version of Acumatica allows to create multiple base currency in one Tenant, Is it possible to do Inter-company transactions in different BASE CURRENCY?
What I see in the screenshot is multi-currency transactions, Maybe I'm wrong but, would be very helpful to see how the Companies were setup to process intercompany with different "base currency" and different Ledger

Thank you!

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What I see above is the ability to do multicurrency (not necessarily interco) transactions on bank transfers only.  And the screen shots are not clear if it is different ledgers or same leger but with different currency on the cash/GL accounts within the same ledger.

What about inter company transactions in general in other modules than just bank transfers?  Acumatica markets they can do inter company transactions, then introduces the ability to have different base currencies multiple companies in the same tenant that requires a different ledger by company and doesn’t make clear this will invalidate the ability to do inter company transactions outside of bank transfers inside the same ledger?

Are there plans to implement a true intercompany transaction ability, regardless of the ledgers in play?

When using Multiple Base Currencies, inter-company transactions is only supported against branches with the same base currency.

There is an idea started to add the support for inter-company transactions against multiple base currencies. Please review and vote if you require this functionality. 


Multiple Base Currencies in Inter-Branch Transactions | Community (


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