How to split the Profit & Loss financial Report based on branch?

  • 21 November 2020
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Anyone know how to split the profit & loss financial report based on branch?

Currently, our Profit and loss financial report is combine 2 branch into one.

Based on existing combine Profit and loss financial report, Not sure if anyone one know how to create/split a Profit and Loss financial report to individual branch


1 reply

Hi Erin,

You can do this by creating a Unit Set and adding that Unit Set to the Report Definition.


To Create the Unit Set:

  1. From the Unit Sets screen (CS2060P3), click the + sign to create a new set.
  2. Enter a code and description for your set at the top of the screen.
  3. Add a code, description, and data source for each unti (branch, in your case) in the main portion of the screen. In the Data Source field, click the magnifying glass to show the Data Source Editor. Here, you can select your branch.
  4. Use the arrows in the left section of the screen to nest and arrange your units. For example, you can have a unit that will show all branches together, then each branch separately on the next level (see below). This will allow you to see all branches combined as well as each one individually.
Unit Set w/Branches, showing Data Source Editor


To Assign the Unit Set to Your Report:

  1. From the Report Definitions screen (CS2060PL), select your Profit & Loss report.
  2. In the Unit Set field, select the code for the Unit Set you just created.
Unit Set field in Report Definition​


To Change Sets while Viewing the Report

Click the Groups icon and select the set you wish to view.

Groups Icon


You can do a lot with Unit Sets. However, if you are comfortable with Excel and have not already done so, check out Velixo! It is an outstanding tool for Acumatica financial reporting.




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