How Acumatica differenciate if an attachment is uploaded from "Files" or "Image" section of the Expense Receipt?

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Hello All,

Does anyone know how Acumatica differenciate if an attachment is uploaded from "Files" or "Image" section of the Expense Receipt?

If we upload a jpg from “Upload Image” of the Expense Receipt Screen, the platform shows the “Image Preview” but if we attach the same file from the “Files” on top of the screen it is not previewed.

I checked UploadFile, UploadFileRevision and NoteDoc and both of the records are Identical except to their FileID that of course should be a Unique Indentifier anyways.

I also checked the EPExpenseClaimDetails and couldn’t find a possible reference to the File which is uploaded using the “Upload Image”. 

All I can find in the graph, its extensions or the page is a “PXImageUploader” in the page nothing else.

Any help is appreciated.


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To my knowledge it doesn’t once it hits the File Maintenance. The only difference is that you can more easily call on the Image Field as it’s available for Generic Inquiries without having to join all necessary Tables to get to the File Data.


Curious to see if somebody found something else.

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@krausef77 Thanks for sharing your thoughts but I am pretty sure it shomehow treats them differently otherwise why it would show preview if Upload Image is used and wouldn’t show preview if the exact same image was uploaded using the Upload File.

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It’s using a different function for that specific field whereas the Files Tab is for all kinds of Files.

Once it is saved into the Database, in the Tables you mentioned there is no difference that I know of.

Again, the preview and the field itself enables it to be used in a Generic Inquiry more easily and is more user-friendly, yet outside of a different display due to file restrictions on the Image Upload, the file itself is not treated any different.


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Thanks @krausef77 

Let see what other valued community members have to add.
I have done quite bit of customizations on generating attachments, uploading via code, merging, bulk downloading so I’m not stranger to its world.

Even for the purpose of showing on GI as you mentioned, Acumatica somehow should be able to differentiate these two types otherwise won’t be able to do that. But the question is how?

@darylbowman I recall from previous posts you have done quite a bit of work on File management. Any thoughts here?

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Hi @aaghaei were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @Chris Hackett 

Thanks for the follow up. I forgot to write back here. The thing is Acumatica doesn’t differentiate the records really. What it does it looks into the attached files extension and compares it to the file types settings in Acumatica and if the attachment file type is flagged as image and a proper viewer is defined for it then includes in the preview list otherwise it doesn’t.


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