Group Discount to spread evenly across invoiced products

  • 8 September 2021
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I'd like some advice on how to appropriately configure pricing and discounts to solve a business need. Here's a concrete example:

- For simplicity, let's say we have three different 12oz Cups: white, black, blue. 

- If a Customer orders 120 12oz Cups, in various colors, they get 10% off those products. 

- I can't set up this scenario using Sales Prices, so I'm using a Group Discount instead. 

I like everything about the functionality of Group or Document level discounts...except for one thing: On the ARTran table, the Sales Price—and resulting product margin—aren't correct, because it's applying the discount as a separate line item. 


I'm hoping there is just a setting somewhere to "apply discount to components evenly". How have others handled this limitation, or is there anything I'm not thinking of? 




3 replies

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Hi @max21 ,

I am the ERP Product Manager - Product Success here at Acumatica.  I am interested in hearing more about your post.

We are going to be conducting user research about the Discounts topic.  We are reaching out to our user community to interview users that are actively using Discounts.  Would you like to participate?



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Hi @Dana Moffat, sure I’m happy to participate. Although we aren’t actively using the discount functionality I’ve outlined above, because it doesn’t align with our business needs. But i’m happy to weigh in on this topic.

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Am I understanding correctly that we cannot apply a discount to a PO and have that affect the cost of all the line items on that PO? We have POs with hundreds and hundreds of lines. We’d want way to apply a 5% discount at the PO level and have that affect the cost on a pro rata (unit cost weighted) basis across all of the lines. Basically, we want the same functionality that happens with Landed Costs. Is that possible?


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