Focus Group: Cross Company Re-invoicing and Sales Orders

  • 10 August 2020
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About: We would like to gather your feedback on cross company sales features for our upcoming release.  We held our first focus group in November 2019, but want to dive deeper into re-invoicing expenses and selling goods.

  • Providing services to related companies (launching in 2020 R2 - automatically create a matching AP Document when you create an invoice for related company).
  • Re-invoicing expenses to related companies (focus group topic)
  • Selling goods to related companies (focus group topic)
  • Selling goods from a related company warehouse
  • Transferring goods with a profit margin

Audience: Customers and partners who need this feature or have knowledge of workflows and how it can be delivered.

Date/Time: Aug 26 @ 9am PDT / 12pm EDT


7 replies

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@djohnson I am unable to attend the meeting at the proposed time.  We have worked with customers that use an AP to AR type scenaro to create AR Invoices to related companies based on AP Bills and customers that issue Sales Order for products they purchase from related companies. Automating this interaction would be very helpful. We are about to start the planning phase to handle the latter scenario.  Is there a way to read the post meeting feedback?  Thank you.  

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@Doug Johnson 
Hello Doug, I’ve seen a new feature “intercompany sales” released in 2020R2
But it is not fully meet our needs. It can only extend an AR invoice to a AP bill.

Is there any plan that we can extend a SO to a PO, or we can extend a PO to a SO.

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@ray20 Stay tuned for 2021 R1. At the 2021 R1 launch event we are planning a demonstration of a feature that may meet your needs (SO to PO and Shipment to Purchase Receipt). 

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​ @Doug Johnson  Glad to hear.
Thank you and Acumatica to hear customer’s voice and keep our needs in mind.
It looks like you are already in test phase, but mind if I added some ideas?

In real business, let’s take the “internal companies” as “real” business partner.
The goods selling from company A to company B is usually started by company B’s request, which is an internal “PO”.
Company B doesn’t care whether Company A having enough inventory to fulfill his need, company B is just asking I need these items and sold to me.
So the whole process is triggered firstly by a PO in company B’s account, and based on that PO, company A can generate its SO.
What I am trying to say is “A PO to SO” functionality is needed.
in fact, we better have both, SO to PO, and PO to SO.
Does this make sense?

Following this thread as we have several clients/prospects looking for SO/PO automation across tenants. 

I realise that the scope here is mainly  SO and PO, however it may be extended to include To/From separate loan accounts between companies when journals are entered or when one company pays some expenses on behalf of another.

@ray20 Stay tuned for 2021 R1. At the 2021 R1 launch event we are planning a demonstration of a feature that may meet your needs (SO to PO and Shipment to Purchase Receipt). 

This feature is great for companies wihtin the same tenant, but we need this for a client that wants to do inter tenant processing. They have 3 related companies sitting in seperate tenants that buy and sell between one another and the ability to do the SO and PO population automatically between them would be fantastic. Is this on the cards as a possible new feature release in the near future?


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