"exceptionMessage": "Error in action invocation

  • 10 February 2023
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Hi Team,

When I sent a payment via API to Acumatica, I receive the error message:

"exceptionMessage": "Error in action invocation:\nAR Error: Application Date cannot be less than Document Date."

This error does not always occur. Could you clarify how to fix it?


I attached the example of the request.

2 replies

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hI @Andrew1986 

I see an Known Issue in 21R1.

AC-213613: If on the Payments and Applications (AR302000) form, a user tried to release a payment for the customer with the Auto-Apply Payments check box selected in the Financial Settings section on the Financial tab of the Customers (AR303000) form, and an invoice with the date later than the payment date existed in the system, the following error occurred: Application Date cannot be less than Document Date.

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Hi @Andrew1986 ,


Please try with below Json request


"ApplicationDate": {
"value": "2023-01-02"
"Branch": {
"value": "PRODWHOLE"
"CardAccountNbr": {},
"CashAccount": {
"value": "10200"
"CustomerID": {
"value": "AACUSTOMER"
"Description": {
"value": "w53"
"DocumentsToApply": [
"AmountPaid": {
"value": 100.0000
"DocType": {
"value": "Invoice"
"ReferenceNbr": {
"value": "AR009766"
"Hold": {
"value": false
"PaymentAmount": {
"value": 100.0000
"PaymentMethod": {
"value": "CASH"
"PaymentRef": {
"value": "453245"
"Type": {
"value": "Payment"



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