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  • 15 August 2022
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When we go to create an AP bill and error comes up because the project does not match. This was not an issue until we did the update. Does anyone have a work around so we can get vendors paid? Acumatica is saying it is a bug in the update and they do not have a fix for it yet… Hoping someone had this same issue because we can’t create any AP bills and it is not only affecting paying our vendors but also being able to bill our customers. 


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6 replies

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Hello, Can you post a screen shot of the error, please?  Is there anything special about the way you create your AP Bills, or are they manually entered? 

Thank you.

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Hello, Thank you for the screen shot; it helps us to help you.  I don’t see any description of the steps you are taking before the error appears. I’ll try to guess:

When entering AP Bills, the error appears after completing the header, when you select either Add PO Line or Add PO or Add PO Receipt or Add PO Receipt line?

And the error message is saying the Project on the AP Bill does not match the Project on the Purchase Order or Receipt?

I have only one idea when looking at your screen shot, that may work if your POs and/or PO Receipts have the same project on every line.  Maybe you already tried this but didn’t mention… Try changing the AP Preferences setting to check ON Require Single Project per Document.  Then enter the bill the same way except you’ll notice the PROJECT field is now in the Header of the AP Bill. When you select either Add PO Line or Add PO or Add PO Receipt or Add PO Receipt line there will already be a project in the AP Bill header, and I hope this allows Acumatica to see a match so you can enter bills.

We would like to know from and to versions related to your upgrade.  Thank you!

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We get the error when we have added a project to a stock item on the PO. Once we receive that PO in the stock items with the project automatically changes to the default project and the project we assigned to it at the PO level changes on the PO receipt level, so when we try to create an AP bill we get the error code I attached in the screen shot saying the project do not match. This was never an issue before our update. We went from R121 and we updated to R122

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@CAMORRISON Just a quick question, does the warehouse you’re receiving the PO to have the project location created? Very likely you do, just a thought. Along one of my client’s upgrade journey the project location requirement seemed to be ‘more’ required with unexpected results on the PO side when the location did not exist.

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Hi @CAMORRISON - were you able to find a solution? Thank you!


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