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  • 5 September 2023
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How does one delete unreleased budget lines.

Example: I imported $1 per month for a specific account

I release it.

I now update the $1 to $2 per month. I realised I made a mistake, and want to delete this $2 upload. How do I do that? 

Currently the system errors , because there was a previous released article. I can't Upload zero, because it also wants to be released and then I zero out everything, which I don't want.


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2 replies

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HI @apretorius62 

Once a line has been released, it can not be deleted. The only thing you can do is manage the budget. 


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Hello @apretorius62 ,

If you have few records to update to $0, you may enter $0 on the unreleased budget line(s) for the specific account(s), and save.

You may import $0 to every specific account # (or Account/sub combination) that needs to be zeroed out. Remove from your Excel all other lines, that are to stay on the screen and not be zeroed out

Excel with one Budget to be changed to $5 per month

Using Load Records from File, when we import for the second time and on the Common Settings screen we choose the default ‘Update Existing’  -- the lines included in Excel over-write the matching lines on the screen.  Lines that are on screen and not in the second import file will remain as is.

Common Settings Screen

One line successfully updated, the rest are unchanged at $0:



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