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  • 14 June 2022
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Just getting used to the what seems incredibly formal statement process (for a small company anyway). I ran the statements for a period and forgot to enter one receipt of money from the customer, how do I re-run the statement to include for this extra money received on the last day of the month. It all feels very locked in and unwieldly to me as I am used to just re-running a statement as many times as I like.


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Hi @Malinda278 

Once you prepare the statements, you can not rerun them for that statement cycle. The help states this:

Before you prepare statements, make sure that you have applied open payments from customers to the corresponding invoices (if any) and calculated any overdue charges to avoid incorrect calculation of aged balances.

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I have an idea: consider setting up a new statement cycle, say CORR: Corrections.

Temporarily place the customer in the new statement cycle.

Enter the payment, prepare the statement, print the statement, and then place the customer back into their original statement cycle as desired.

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Not sure what version you are on, but if 2021 or later, you can enter the payment putting it in for the month you want it to be applied and then on the customer record under actions or the ‘more...’ menu (depending on R1 or R2) you can regenerate the last statement and it will regenerate it and that payment will be taken into account.  Or you can enter the payment and then you can generate a statement on demand from the customer record.  If you generate a statement on demand, though, you cannot do it for the statement date you already created, you have to do a different date so if you previous statement was run for 5/31 then run a statement on demand for 6/1.  Then still on the customer record go into statement history and you can select the recently generated statement and print or email it.

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I’ll give that a go now thanks

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Hello All


I have followed Jean’s suggestion and that has worked thanks….I am not used to statement histories being stored at all and am finding it all a bit unforgiving...thanks again 

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Just another thought, as a customer statement is just a moment in time and I think not necessary to store for maybe more than two there an ability to remove or archive (really remove not just hide from view) old statements. I am not sure how Acumatica works in terms of data and speed but if  you don’t need to keep data it would be nice not to have to.



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Does the Regenerate Statement action on the Print Statements screen actually work to regenerate earlier statement dates (by navigating using the < > buttons), or is it still locked to only regenerate the last statement? 

Seems like poor design when we’ve already printed the next period’s statements, and can’t provide to our customers an earlier period’s statement should there be any changes to the earlier period (eg. a year end SOA requested by customers for audit purposes). 


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