Concern about deleting AR Invoices to edit a Project Proforma Invoice

  • 20 August 2021
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I have trouble accepting that an Invoice can simply be deleted in AR Acumatica, in order to reopen a proforma Project Accounting Invoice. The audit purpose of Invoice numbering is the numbering sequence to ensure "completeness", and by simply allowing the deletion of an Invoice breaking the numbering sequence as far as I'm concerned is unacceptable. I would rather that the Invoice be left in display on the system but its status changed to "Deleted and Not Posted" (or something similar).


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Deleted records are tracked, by default they do not show up in the generic inquiry views and they don’t show in all tables.  In the example you provided, if you delete the AR Invoice, the deleted record is saved and stored in the ARRegister table.  However, in order to see those deleted records you need to do the following:

  1. Write your query off the Register table, as that is where the transaction record will exist. (Note all modules will have a register table, INRegister, APRegister, ARRegister (General Ledger is an exception, that its table is ‘Batch’)
  2. check the flag in the Generic Inquiry to “Show Deleted Records”
  3. Include the field ‘DeletedDatabaseRecord’
  4. And make sure all your links off the ARRegister table is set to left join since those deleted records will not show up in other tables (ie ARInvoice)

I hope that helps resolve your issue.


@Jp89 I have had to do this a couple of times when I didn’t discover a boo-boo I’d made on the proforma side until after I’d released it to AR.  And like you we definitely don’t want a missing invoice number from our sequence (we’ve had the same issue occur on the AP side when a check gets voided, it is then very difficult to track the “missing” check number via the records and audit trails set up, I think there’s an product idea for that one at least). 

What I’ve done in these cases is to A) make sure anyone else who might be creating AR invoices is logged off the system, B) delete the AR invoice, C) go to Numbering Sequences and shift Last Number Used in ARINVOICE back one, D) correct pro forma invoice & release, E) check that the new AR record has the correct number in sequence (repeat steps B,C,D if something went wrong here), F) go back to  Numbering Sequences and fix it to what it should be going forward.    Hope this is helpful.


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