Avoiding the possibility of fraud on Invoicing

  • 22 August 2021
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I have a situation where Users create an Invoice and leave this in Balanced Mode, they are then able to print and email the invoice to the customer. Once done they subsequently receive cash payments from the customer, but then go and delete the invoice (because its still in balanced mode). This gives rise to fraud. How can I disable the ability to print or email an invoice in hold or Balanced mode, and only allow for the invoice to be printed / emailed once released into the system?


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7 replies


When will this be addressed?

Just checking but have you tried to set the Receivables and Memo security up for Access Rights By Screen and then set the role to have “Insert” rights?


Insert Gives the role restricted access to the form and its functionality. This level allows users with the role to view the form, select records, edit details about any record, and create new records or entities of the type.This level forbids users with the role from deleting records.
The Clipboard and Insert buttons are available on the form toolbar for users with the role.

Thanks for this. So they can create an Invoice for USD1000 (cannot delete the invoice), but can email and print the Invoice in Balanced or Hold Status, yet they can subsequently change the Invoice amount (Edit as you say) to USD100 (which may actually be the correct Invoice amount for the Inventory)? They can still commit fraud.

Agreed, you may want to submit a request on the ideas page, but we can do a few things to help minimize fraud -

First setup Audit History - Second, create a Business Notification for balanced or on hold orders that are open more than 10 or 15 minutes.. The notification would direct you to look at the Audit History.  This way you can identify the person and the change in the same day.    




Acceptable reactive control, although it creates more administration. Would still be easier to have a check box in Preferences that disallows the printing and emailing of invoices until they are indeed released.

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Hi, An other simple idea would be to add a watermark on the invoice that it is a working document if the status is not open.  The same problem exist in Acumatica for all documents, for example you can print/email a Purchase order that has not yet been approved.  Having a watermark on document is a simple customization on forms but Acumatica should have it by default.

Hi, another suggestion is that you can put a formula in the Report Design to print different titles depending on the status. For example if the Invoice is On Hold, print Invoice Request or Quote; if Invoice is Balance Status, print Proforma Invoice; if Invoice is Released, print Tax Invoice. 


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