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  • 18 March 2024
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We have a customer who would like the ability to enter Sales Tax information for Customers and Locations in Acumatica, including an uploaded certificate image, and have that same information populated in AvaTax’s Certificate Management database without having to manually enter it. We’re aware of a library of APIs Avalara provides, and we’re wondering if anyone has developed scripts to accomplish this? The overarching goal is to enter the data once rather than having to add the info in both Avalara and Acumatica. The other driving factor is that customer exemption information entered in Avalara is not visible in Acumatica and requires users to log in to Avalara to determine if a customer already has an exemption certificate on file.

5 replies

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Hi @rickh45, with 2024 R1, we have an integration to Avalara Exemption Certificate Management (ECM). You are able to:

  • create/update customer records from Acumatica to Avalara
    • can be done in bulk 
  • view available exemption certificates for a customer
    • includes certificate ID, state, reason for exemption, effective date, expiration date, certificate status, company code
    • you can also save or print the certificates
  • request for new certificates for a customer straight from Acumatica, using Avalara templates
  • update customer record in Avalara from Acumatica

let us know here if you were looking for additional functionality once you have had a chance to test the features.

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Thank you very much, Omar. We’ll review this and confirm its applicability, but it certainly looks like it will address our client’s requests.

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One more question for clarification: Will this integration include the ability to upload the exemption certificate image (pdf, jpg, etc.) from within Acumatica or will that need to be completed as a separate step in Avalara?

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@rickh45 not with the current implementation. You can launch the request process from Acumatica (using the email templates created in Avalara first). However, if you already have the file (PDF/image) you’d have to upload that to the appropriate customer record on Avalara side. 


We have opted out of that feature with our initial launch. Mainly because we need to validate use cases from customers learn more about the behavior.

For instance, if you upload the certificate from Acumatica without having to login to Avalara, should Acumatica also store that file in the database? Now you will have the same file in Acumatica and in Avalara. Then it’s a case of knowing which one is the system of record for the certificates and which one can be trusted/is the latest one.

Another option could be that you upload the file through Acumatica and send it to Avalara for the customer record but not store that file in the Acumatica database. But that could have its own technical challenges and we’d need to figure out whether the file was successfully uploaded to Avalara as expected.


However, if you think this is something that will be a common ask from clients, please create an idea so we can have a thorough discussion and explore further.

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Here is the link to vote for the functionality. Avalara Integration - Upload Exemption Certificates through Acumatica | Community


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