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  • 25 March 2022
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Hi everyone,

We’re new to Acumatica and looking to implement an AP workflow that incorporates entering a vendor invoice and saving without posting to the GL i.e. we may need to edit the transaction lines prior to posting. We also need the process not to restrict us closing a period.

Would the settings need to be following?


Thanks and much appreciated



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There is only one way of doing this that I’m aware of-use the “Balanced” status for these transactions. This means taking the Bill off of hold and saving it. This will not post to any GL / AP Ledgers. You could then use Access Rights to determine who can Release Bills.

The downside of this is you cannot apply any payments etc to the Bill.

The “Auto Post on Release” setting will not allow you to edit the transaction, even though it hasn’t been posted. It just provides an extra review step.


Any Release action in Acumatica is non-reversible. That’s a foundational concept that won’t change.
It’s been difficult for us to deal with coming from QuickBooks where you can pretty much do whatever you want but the upside is that there’s always a solid trail for what has happened.

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HI @dvertes 

If you check the Automatically Post on Release, it will post the document to the GL as soon as it is released. 

To not restrict to a closing period, that is a setting on the General Ledger preferences. 



As far as your approvals, they need to be setup in the Approval Maps


Then assigned to the correct module for approvals. 


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Hello @dvertes,

Turn on Expense Reclassification Feature in Enable/Disable features, to add ‘pre-release’ workflow to AP.  The purpose of this feature is to allow payment of a bill when we are not sure of posting accounts.  You can pre-release a bill (allowing payment and posting and closing of period), then later adjust the posting accounts and Release the final bill.



Thanks all - we’ll give it a go 👍

Hi @kbeatty21

We have closed prior periods and the Restrict Access to Closed Periods checkbox is ticked but users can still post AP in prior periods.

Is there another setting we need to change?


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Hi @dvertes 

Ensure that those users do not have the Financial Supervisor Role. 

  • Financial Supervisor: When the Restrict Access to Closed Periods check box is selected on the General Ledger Preferences (GL102000) form, a user with this role can post to closed financial periods, while all other users are not able to work with these periods. A financial supervisor can also reopen Closed periods and unlock Locked periods.


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