AP Document Recognition Not Working on Premise or Microsoft Azure Instances

  • 24 April 2021
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Has anyone been successful in implementing AP Document Recognition in a Production Environment on Premise or on Microsoft Azure?

What about on AWS?

In an On Premise instance the Incoming Documents screen is not “remembering” the user mapping for detail lines and in order for the Vendor to be “remembered” the vendor record must be manually edited. (2020 R2 Build 20.204.0031) 

In a Microsoft Azure instance the Incoming Documents screen is not “remembering” the Vendor or user mapping for detail lines. (2021 R1 Build 21.102.0070)

7 replies

Could you describe what do you mean by not “remembering”? 

When submitting the first invoice for a given vendor the recognition process does not assign a vendor ID to the document.

The user must manually assign the vendor ID before being able to Save & Process the document to create a Bill.

Upon submitting a second or third invoice for the same vendor the recognition process still does not assign the vendor ID to the documents.

This is contrary to our experience running Acumaticaon Premise at another site or in the videos distributed by Acumatica.

We have been experiencing the same thing where the Vendor ID is not being saved as part of therecognition process.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Are we missing something to get this to work?

What I have observed in 2020 R2 depends on how the vendors were created.

If they were created manually through the Vendor Profile form then it seems to work.

If they were imported using an import scenario you must manually edit the vendor record before trying to recognize the document then it seems to work.

The above appears to be true as long as the vendor record only has one location.

If the vendor record has multiple locations then the AP Document Recognition doesn’t seem to be able to assign the vendor ID at all. This is true in 2021 R1 as well.

I have an ongoing support case with Acumatica and will post updates as I receive them.

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@pkohler91 When you restore a snapshot, the system does not ‘know’ about the vendors that were restored in the snapshot. Vendors you add after the snapshot has been restored are indexed. In order to re-educate the system, you need to rebuild the full-text entity search, making sure to select inventory items and the vendor entities. 

I would like to add that in the initial release of AP Document Recognition we encountered some issues that we are planning to resolve in the 2021 R2 timeframe. The primary issues are:

  • Vendor is frequently not recognized. If you encounter this problem, make sure you rebuild the full-text entity search after restoring a snapshot. In 2021 R2 we will match the from-email-address and implement algorithms to remember vendors that are manually matched.
  • Recognition can take 15 – 80 seconds. In the 2021 R2 release we are planning to replace the underlying AI/ML engine to solve the latency and variability of the recognition process.
  • Mapping detail lines is time consuming. In the 2021 R2 release we allow you to map groups of detail lines so you can map fields once instead of mapping fields for each individual line.
  • System does not ‘learn’ as quickly as we hoped. We are planning to implement more detailed feedback so you do not have to fix the same problem in recurring invoices for multiple months.
  • System is optimized for US/Canadian invoices. In 2021 R2 we will make platform changes so a different AI/ML/OCR engine can be implemented in different countries. 

Hi Patrick, 


When you say “If they were imported using an import scenario you must manually edit the vendor record before trying to recognize the document then it seems to work.” what was modified, the vendor ID for vendors are auto number. What was modified to workaround this issue? 




I believe the action of editing the vendor forced an update of an index. While this action worked occasionally it has not been 100%. 

We rebuilt the full-text indexes in Acumatica through the System Management functionality. Since we are On-Premise we also forced a rebuild of all SQL Indexes. Vendor recognition is still hit or miss.

Since my post we have upgraded to 2021 R1 and several monthly builds and we are still encountering the same issue.

We are waiting on the release of 2021 R2 to perform additional testing based on the post by Doug Johnson.


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