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  • 23 November 2021
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The AP Aging report is created to run based on the Document Date (Bill/Invoice Date)  which at the end of the month leaves our AP out of balance with the General Ledger.  We have some bills that are dated for the end of one month, but not entered into Acumatica until the beginning of the next month.  I understand that the invoice date is important as this indicates when the bill is due so I don’t want to change that.  But is there any way to run the aging report on a transaction date (date that the bill was entered) as opposed to the invoice date so that our AP Aging report and General Ledger will balance?


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The InvoiceDate is not the date the payment is due.  

The invoice date should match the date on your vendor’s invoice.

The DueDate is the date the bill should be paid.  It is calculated by TERMS which could be Net0, Net30, 2%/10 etc.

There is likely a DateEntered value somewhere along with a GLDate that determines what period a transaction falls into on the GL.  

I can see a rent invoice with a term of Net1 where the InvoiceDate is October 31 and the DueDate is November 01.

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Hi @Kfarren29 In this scenario, the simplest workaround for this case would be to enter the actual transaction date as Invoice Date. And you can record the Actual Invoice Date on the Description or Notes for informational purpose.



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Yes, a transaction date/date entered is exactly what I need…. and then I need to be able to run the report based on that date.  Is it possible to add the date somehow?

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Yes, a transaction date/date entered is exactly what I need…. and then I need to be able to run the report based on that date.  Is it possible to add the date somehow?

Hi @Kfarren29 K

Did you solve your requirement, please kindly share with me, I am still struggle on that.

Thank you so much!

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Hello @haule 

Acumatica stores a “Created Date” on every record.

Additionally, there are four dates that appear on-screen for every AP Bill. These could potentially be used to communicate dates internally and for custom reporting, though none of these dates is used by default as an Aging date.

Date :normally the date on an invoice from the vendor but can be used as a Transaction-entered date if you like. If you enter Transaction Date here, make sure the Due Date, discount and Pay Date are entered correctly, ensuring proper payment dates.

Due Date: is calculated by Payment Terms as mentioned above but we can over-ride at data entry as needed.

Discount date : also calculated by terms but can over-ride.

Pay Date : Use if the bill should be paid on a different date, such as to accommodate extra Lead Time needed to arrange payment before the Due Date, or to take advantage of early payment discount.

Only the Post Period controls when a transactions posts to the General Ledger. -- If we have Invoice date of 11/1 and post period of 10-2022 then the AP Bill posts to 10-2022 in GL.


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