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  • 22 September 2023
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We have run into the problem where if we need to adjust an invoice from a service order and they choose the correct invoice, then correct the invoice and release it.  Acumatica creates a credit memo for the original invoice and then creates a new invoice where the corrections are made.  This is good, but the problem is that it marks the appointment status where the original invoice was created from billed to closed.  The appointment then gets rebilled by because it doesn’t show as billed anymore. creating 2 invoices for the same appointment.  Is this a bug or a configuration issue?

The process that does work is to cancel the invoice and go to the appointment, make changes and rebill through the original process.  The next question is, how can we disable the correct invoice action only for service orders, so we don’t double bill customers?

2 replies

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Hi @andrew15,

Have you tried the steps mentioned in the help article “Correcting a Service Order When an SO Invoice Has Been Released” to make the adjustments?


I would like you to refer to the below articles and test the scenario in your test instance first. If that doesn’t help, please provide steps and screenshots so we can investigate further.


Correcting a Service Order When an SO Invoice Has Been Released  :

Correcting an Appointment When a SO Invoice Has Been Generated and Released :


Thank you!

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Thats one of the ways our normal AR person corrects an service invoice.  What happens when they are away on vacation or a customer needs something right away and that person is not available, other staff don’t know the all of the multiple ways that you have to correct the invoice and rebill based on the creation of the original invoice.  I am just looking for ways to prevent the errors.  Our last system had all t he AR in 1 spot, where acumatica has it in sales order and receivables.  I may try to move the sales order module screens to the service screen to help reduce the confusion.  This may make the workflow more natural.  As your solution is correct for SO invoices without stock items only and won’t work with projects, or projects via progress billing.  In the end, the problem really is that the process for AR is complex, with all the specific ways to fix specific invoices.


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