Restriction Group for non-stock item not seeing Inventory Item Access form

  • 8 October 2020
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I want to have only certain users be able to access some specific Expense Accounts that are tied to non-stock items.  We are using non-stock items but not inventory.    I have enabled Row-level security and created my restriction group and have also created the restriction group by GL Account and that is working and only the users that have access can see those GL accounts.  

When I go to the non-stock item, and click Actions | View Restrictions Group, I receive an error "The requested resources is not available.  The required configuration data is not entered on the IN Setup form."  

If I enabled Inventory, I now see the option.  Does inventory  have to enabled to use the Restriction Group feature for non-stock items?  If so, what is the minimal setup of inventory that has to be done and is that going to affect anything else in Acumatica if I’m not using inventory?

2 replies

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Hi Sheilao

Inventory restriction setup is part of Inventory module and hence the Inventory restriction option is visible when you enable Inventory module.

  • In your case, since user would be using only ‘Restriction groups by Item’ (IN103020) and ‘Inventory Item access’(IN103000) screens,
  • user should be able to use the restriction group functionality without making any Inventory configuration and by just enabling Inventory module. 
  • Minimum Inventory setup normally includes entering mandatory setup data on ‘Inventory preferences’ screen. This is required if one has to create any inventory transaction/ document.
  • Since customer does not intend to use Inventory module, the module access can be restricted to all users as well

Let us know if Inventory access for Non stock item is working with just enabling Inventory module and without making any configuration setup as mentioned above. 



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I have tested this further by setting up a new Tenant, it does insist you to complete minimum configuration for Inventory by completing IN Setup ( Inventory preferences, mandatory values filled in), to set restriction on non stock items. If client is not using Inventory module, filling in that information should not really affect anything else. As added security, the access to the inventory module can be restricted as well.

Hope this helps,



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