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  • 24 July 2020
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As many of you know, I’m one of the newest members of the Acumatica Developer community, although far from new to development for ERP systems.  One of my ways of learning is to come at the problem backwards.  For instance, the training guides for developers is very good at walking you through a perfect case scenario to teach, but there is a wealth of information that cannot be packed into the training guides without turning it into a new Library of Congress.  By looking at code samples, I learn new methods and techniques to accomplish my goals.  Sometimes, I even have to dig into the finished HTML presented to the browser… like today.

I have been picking my way through properties of controls in the Screen Editor for quite some time, simply looking at what one screen sets to get similar behavior on my screen.  This has been useful, but what about all those other controls?  I find myself looking through properties to see what the help line tells me about each one, but I have not found a quick reference that can tell me what each property is designed to do.

This afternoon, I finally took some time to extract the control properties from many of the common screen controls to build a reference of the help lines.  Oddly enough, there are hundreds of properties on some controls, for which I don’t imagine I will grasp in totality in another decade.  However, attached is the Excel spreadsheet that shares each property, its location in the tree, and the help text if it is defined.  Please note that this is for 2019R2, although I suspect there is very little difference with slightly newer or older releases.

Does a guide like this prove useful to you or your developers?  What other guides like this have you created or would like to see created to help your developers?

1 reply

Hello Brian, 

Thanks for the good document. 

We do have some of them documented, e.g. here:


But of course that’s not the full list. 

Besides here is another part of ASPX documentation, but it’s not completely full as well.


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