Approval in the level of Project Task instead of Projects

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi everyone,

Would like to check 3 questions related to Timesheet :

  1. We are checking if there is any possibilities out of the box in Acumatica 2022 R2 to approve Project Tasks instead of approving in Project level where the project manager can review the project tasks first prior to publishing it for the employee to enter their timesheet?
  1. And is there anyway that the project manager can reject particular timesheet in a particular line item in the project task instead of rejecting everything at one in the whole week?( The employee is sometimes confuse on which timesheet that is actually rejected in the line item. )
  1. Is there anyway to rename the menu in acumatica? if we want to rename the word “TimeCard” in the menu to something else. 

Thanks a bunch. 


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(3) We can definitely rename menu items - easy so I’ll start there and then address the rest. . People in the administrators group can click the (…) menu in the lower left to modify the menu. With menu editing on, a pencil will appear when you hover over a screen name - click it  and you will see the option to change the name.

(2) In the current version we cannot reject or approve by line. The same question has been asked before; see more details here:

(1) We can connect employees to projects so they only see the projects they work on. We can use Restriction Groups to connect employees to projects. We can control which projects & tasks show in Time Entry screens with checkboxes in both Project and Tasks screens. We can connect Users to Project Account Groups (shown below) to reduce risk of posting incorrectly.  

Maybe you want to post your ideas in the Ideas section of this community?  I noticed Clipboard and its related “Save as Template” is not available in Time Card screen and it might be a good start to have these options in the timecard screen.


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