Why Sub account code not reflect in PO

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Anyone can advise that why the sub account code not reflected in PO sub account column?


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Hi @erin  Please check if the sub account is pulled from Vendor.



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Hi @erin The subaccounts are determined by posting class set on the non-stock item. see the below screen shots.  The subaccount is populated in accordance with the rule defined for the posting class in the Combine COGS / Expense Sub. From box on the Posting Classes (IN206000) form. Please review the settings and verify in your Acumatica instance.




We also have this problem and have reviewed the non-stock item, and the posting class.  It always uses the system default subacount.

Thinking we may try to use a business event or schedule an nightly import scenario to fix it.

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Hi @erin  Please check if the sub account is pulled from Vendor.




Hi ChandrasekharM


Yes , it is pulled and follow the vendor.

However , from the AP created that is with correct sub account code RDD-0000.

Once item receipt in system , the account code reflected is same as PO  sub account 000-0000 NOT follow with AP sub account code RDD-0000.

Wondering why the sub account code for Non stock item is follow by Vendor Not Non Stock item that we set ? Usually Non stock item may have different sub account code for different division or department and not just follow with Vendor.




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