Updating Prepare Invoice grouping logic in Process Orders

  • 28 December 2020
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We have a situation where customers come into the facility multiple times/day or week to get product.  We are just using an Invoice type sales order (no shipments) to record the shipment by entering warehouse/location in the sales order.  Upon prepare Invoice it creates invoice and processes inventory issue, etc.  This works fine one by one.  However, we would like to be able to create consolidated invoices for the day/week using Process Orders screen.  I know that we can choose Prepare Invoice in that screen and it will create one invoice for all the orders for that customer that met the criteria entered on top.  We need it to apply additional grouping.  For example, in one day or week, 12 sales orders/invoices, 5 have PO/Cust Order Number 1234 and 7 PO/Cust Order Number 5678.  If I just ran wide open it would create one invoice with all 12.  I need it to create 2 invoices, one for each PO/Cust Order Number.  Actually, these are all for Projects and I'd need that to be the first group within the selected invoices then PO number - but my dilemma is the same.

Obviously the user can just select the invoices they want grouped together manually, process then select the next group manually, process and so on - but this won't be acceptable as there is a large number of orders/invoices each day during bust season.

Is there some obvious config I'm missing that would solve this or do I need to have that functionality customized?

Any thoughts appreciated.


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4 replies

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@kyoung14 you should be able to accomplish this with Automation schedules.

You can create a Daily Automation Schedule for each “Group” and use the conditions tab to filter on the conditions that make up each group. Run them once daily

You may need slight customization if the fields required to make up the group aren’t on that processing screen. Customer PO# may not work because it is fixed, but Project could


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Thanks for the response!  I could see how this could work under certain circumstances.  Unfortunately for this company PO #s change frequently, new projects added almost daily and billing intervals not consistent depending on customer and/or project.  Keeping the automation schedule logic updated would be a big chore itself.  But we might have some scenarios where this approach could work but to really solve my problem I’d probably need to customize that Process Orders screen logic - which I rally don’t want to do but maybe it wouldn’t be too hard.  I’ll have to check with my developer to see the level of difficulty/risk.

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@kyoung14 , notice that invoices are alao segregated for orders with different:

  • customer locations id
  • Terms Id
  • customer tax zone id

so, you can leverage by out of -box functionality, you can say setup a new customer location (tax zone, terms) for each new group of orders (probably, thorough a customization). Though this approach is not perfect, it will allow taking care of future invoices grouping at the moment of order entry


Also, you might try to customize (override) the FindOrCreateInvoice function to take desired fields into account , but I am not sure how safe it is 



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Thanks for the reply!  I knew there were those levels of segregation too  and had similar thoughts too.  Tax zone won’t work as we use Avalara and the other 2 options I think things would just get too messy with the volume we have.

I appreciate your reply!!!



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