UOM on Pick List does not match UOM on Sales Order

  • 27 July 2022
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After avoiding eye contact with the matter for the last 19 months, we finally decided to start utilizing the UOM functionality in Acumatica. It has been about as easy as teaching a goldfish to speak Spanish.

We chose the first item - a product which ships in Master Cases of (12) twelve displays. Each Display contains (20) Pieces.

We have multiple companies set up in Acumatica. The main company is a wholesale operation, the others are a chain of retail stores.

When the wholesale operation BUYS the product in question, we buy it in Master Cases. When the wholesale operation SELLS the product in question, we sell it in Displays. When the retail operations BUY the product in question, they buy it in Displays. When the retail operations SELL the product, they sell it in Piece.

We have been able to get the Default Order UOM and Default Sales UOM set up, but we just discovered that when we place this item on a Sales Order and then create a corresponding Shipment/Pick List, the Sales Order correctly lists UOM as Display, but the Pick List is converting UOM back to Piece.

I’ve looked at the Pick List (SO644000) template to try to make the UOM column match what’s on the Sales Order, but with no luck.

Is there a way to make the Pick List UOM match the Sales Order UOM?


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The pick list prints SOShipLine.UOM, Try replacing that with SOShipLine.OrderUOM.

If there is a UOM conversion, you will have to adjust QTY as well.

BTW, my goldfish thinks Adding the ability to override UOMs in Item Warehouse Details would be a great idea to post, assuming this would help your situation.

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@DConcannon makes a great point… I spent some time trying other available quantity fields in the Pick List today. We can’t simply choose another quantity field (there are several more in the same Sales order line table). All the fields I tried showed the quantity converted to Base UOM… not the quantity as it appears on the pick list.   You will need to calculate the quantity in the report writer, in order to display correct quantity and UOM as it appears on the shipment.

Shipment Confirmation report DOES have correct qty and UOM.  Maybe it can be repurposed, redesigned to stand in for the Pick list, or at least we could use it to see the proper fields & calculations.

 Hope, that would help someone. Just adding on the scenario suggested by @DConcannon the real example of quantity conversion.

We ended up using [SOShipLine.OrderUOM] as UOM and these formulas on the pick list for quantities with some help from

Replace   =[SOShipLine.Qty]
With =IIf( [LineINUnit.UnitMultDiv]='M',[SOShipLine.Qty]/[LineINUnit.UnitRate],[SOShipLine.Qty]*[LineINUnit.UnitRate])

Replace =IsNull([SOShipLineSplit.UOM],[SOShipLine.UOM])
With =IsNull( IIf( [LineSplitINUnit.UnitMultDiv]='M', [SOShipLineSplit.Qty]/[LineSplitINUnit.UnitRate], [SOShipLineSplit.Qty]*[LineSplitINUnit.UnitRate]),IIf( [LineINUnit.UnitMultDiv]='M',[SOShipLine.Qty]/[LineINUnit.UnitRate],[SOShipLine.Qty]*[LineINUnit.UnitRate]))

And add the following tables to your Schema

The only downside we see, it converts according to the current settings. So it doesn’t respect any historical data in case you changed the unit conversion ratio for specific item. But we hardly ever do so.


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