Transfers involving a "hub" Branch

  • 27 January 2024
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Several of our branches work as “hubs” for other locations.  For example- Branch 1 may need an item from Branch 2, but there is no direct truck that delivers between the two.  All items for Branch 2 come out of Branch 3.  So when Acumatica creates a transfer request from Branch 1 to Branch 2, inventory winds up sitting in Branch 3 for some time first.  How can we help with this process inside Acumatica, to better track items while they are in Branch 3?

4 replies

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Branch3 is in fact a warehouse rather than a branch and it can be linked to branch 2. 

Branch1 and 2 will also have a warehouse each.  Then its simply a case of transfers between warehouses.  Replenishment settings for Branch2 warehouse can come from its other warehouse.

Have a look at this link


Maybe I didn’t explain well..  This process is exactly what we do for branch to branch transfers.  They’re all set up as warehouses.  But there’s a 3rd branch involved. While Branch 1 has replenishment settings to Transfer from Branch 2 (where the stock is) there are no trucks that go directly from 1 to 2.  So when we Prepare Replenishment for Branch 1, it creates a Transfer Order from Branch 2- just like it should. However- it has to come to Branch 3 to get from one to the other. I don’t know how to accommodate for the inventory that moves from 2 to 3 and how to let warehouse know that it goes to 1. Does this make more sense?   

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Hi @shanerary were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

@Chris Hackett it was my question.  I never got an answer at all.  The one above didn’t really answer our issue.


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