Transfer Inventory to another warehouse for consolidation into single order?

  • 20 June 2022
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Let’s say that we have 2 different warehouses, MAIN warehouse, and another warehouse in a different city that is SECONDARY warehouse. We create a sales order with 9 items from MAIN warehouse, but one item is only available in SECONDARY warehouse. We want to transfer the stcok required from SECONDARY warehouse to MAIN warehouse, for inclusion in the customer’s order for one consolidated delivery all at the same time.

Is there a way to transfer this inventory from SECONDARY warehouse to MAIN warehouse, for consolidation into the single order automatically? (the alternative of course is to transfer first, and then add to the customer’s order, but this runs ths risk that someone else grabs that inventory after the transfer to the MAIN warehouse).


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3 replies

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Hi @rosenjon,

It’s possible to reserve one line or multiple lines of an open sales order of the SO type in a warehouse other than the warehouse selected in the line. To do that, you select the Allocated check box on the Line Details dialog box and specify the Alloc. Warehouse with the warehouse from where items should be transferred for the sales order.

After that, you create and process a transfer order from your sales order.


Refer to the Processing Sales from Multiple Warehouses help article for more details.

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Hi @Julia Golomidova -

I am not able to replicate the steps you have laid out. I probably should have specified this in my original post more clearly, but the second warehouse is not just in another city but it is attached to a different branch. So what I need is the ability to transfer the stock from the warehouse of one branch to the warehouse of another branch, but reserve the stock so that it ships immediately as part of an order when it is received at that other branch.

I’m not able to allocate inventory that is attached to a warehouse for a different branch the way you are showing, but it’s also possible I have missed a step.





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Hi Jonathan,

Please, check, if the Inter-Branch Transactions feature is enabled on the Enable/Disable Features form (CS100000). If this feature is disabled or not available there, then users can enter transactions only between branches that belong to one company and do not require balancing. So that, in this case warehouses linked to branches other than the one selected in the sales order record, won’t be available for the selection.

To sum it all up, to perform the described scenario, the Inter-Branch Transactions feature is required. Here is a training guide about Itercompany Transactions, if needed.


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