Sending out an SO with one inventory ID and receiving a different inventory ID

  • 18 July 2023
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I am about 95% sure that this will not work but looking to see if anyone else has a solution.

I have client who deals with seeds (such as peas and beans), they send the seeds to a grower who then grows the seed. They are sent on a sales order with item such as 1270. The grower grows the seed and a Purchase Order is created for the seed. The purchase order needs to use a different inventory ID such as 1270-GR. They need a way to account for the seed leaving their warehouse and then bringing it back into stock. The grower is the customer and the vendor. 

Does anyone have a solution or work around for this?

I know also that I could receive as the PO with 1270 then do adjustments and a receipt for 1270-GR but that is going to be extra steps. 


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Hello @kandybeatty49 ,

I have a few ideas that may help (not a full solution).  After reading your story above, I am thinking the client is really sending out one item, a seed, and receiving back a different item, such as a sapling.

I wonder if the 2nd tier item being received on PO can be considered a Kit, like:  seed + water + sunlight + labor + time = sapling. 

This situation also reminds me of steps in a BOM, where an outside service is performed on an item that is being manufactured (like sending a part out to be welded and receiving it back).

Best regards,


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HI @Laura02 

They are not keen on the idea of kits. I explored that option. 

The BOM process would not work either as they may not receive the full quantity back. 

Thank you for the suggestions though. It is appreciated. 

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You could set up a virtual warehouse at the “vendor” and transfer the seeds to the vendor.  Then you could create a sales order for the grown seed (vegetable, fruit, etc.)  The grown seed could be a subcontract item which contains to seed, fertilizer, or any other material provided to grow the seed. If the grower issues a purchase order to your client for the seed, it could be “shipped” from the virtual location.

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Hi Kandy,

Have you explored the possibility of Cross Reference (vendor part number or customer part number) and extending the Customer as Vendor?

This assumes, of course that this should be treated as a single item in inventory.



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Hey @kandybeatty49 ,

If the request is simply tracking individual seeds or lots, could you just use standard SO/Shipment, PO/Receipt functionality with lot numbers?  You could then use the LotSerialNbr in your GI’s/Reports to trace the sapling(?) back to it’s roots.

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Two ideas:

  1. How about treating this as a manufacturing process? Create a labor item of “growing seed”, and a separate warehouse to represent when the seed is at the grower (this inventory cannot be sold from this warehouse). The manufacturing output of seed + growing seed labor item = grown seed sku. Once you have a grown seed, it should be transferred back to the main warehouse for sale.
  2. Create an integration with a SAAS product that does this out of the box: i,e, Seed-to-Sale Software For Growers | RedBud Software (
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Hi @kandybeatty49 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

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Hi @kandybeatty49 were you able to find a solution? Thank you!

No we did not.

They have decided to create a new item and just reference both stock items on the SO and PO.


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