Requirements Gathering for Order Orchestration - directing Order Fulfillment to the proper warehouse based on business rules

  • 15 February 2023
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Hello Commerce Customers,

  • Could you please help me in understanding how the multi-warehouse location inventory for the Commerce orders works?
  • How does your commerce system select the required location when the order is placed by the consumer? 
  • How does Acumatica select the warehouse location when the orders are imported into Acumatica? 
  • Do anyone of you facing issues related to this? 
  • If yes, please let us know we would like to connect with you and learn about your business process and help you by implementing this feature out of the box. 

7 replies

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@KarthikGajendran , following the thread. We really need this implemented for BigCommerce as soon as they make it available. Unfortunately, I don’t have anybody using this feature yet with Shopify.

This is a mission critical item for us and it is causing a large hole.      We are unable to use any of the automated shipment creation features that Acumatica offers because the default warehouse of every order is our main order.

We have to open each and every order and manually change the warehouse and then create shipment.

This defeats any of the automation advantages that would otherwise be available.



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@Yuri Karpenko We are waiting for BC to complete this feature which we have requested BC a long time ago. Once it is available in BC, we will implement in the BC connector. 

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@eldar Thanks for the feedback. Correct me if I am wrong. I assume you are using a Magento connector. Since this is not developed by Acumatica Commerce team, I would like to connect with you and understand the flow of orders into Acumatica. I will email you now. 

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Hello Community members interested in this thread!

If you’re interested in Order Orchestration or DOM (Distributed Order Management), please indicate your interest on this thread. Let’s talk about the need for business rules that would drive how and where the order gets filled (you have multiple warehouses, geographically, where you could fill from).

The conversation need not be limited to eComm orders.  

I would like to conduct requirements gathering interviews with you. 


P.S.   @eldar , i’ll send you some proposed date/times so you can walk me through your business rules (how you know which warehouse to manually assign to the order).

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Hi @Dana Moffat. I just got back from Summit 2024 and I’m pretty sure I saw “Order Orchestration” on one of the slides. Is this feature in development and/or planned for near future?

I know your post is from 10 months ago, but if you’re still gathering requirements I’d be happy to discuss our needs.

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Hi @mikeho,

Thank you for attending Acumatica Summit 2024!  During Ali’s Keynote, he mentioned some future features that our team is working on and one of these is Order Orchestration.  We hosted a customer roundtable at Summit to engage with our customers to gather and validate needs/requirements and showed a prototype.

I will send you some proposed meeting date/times so that we can meet virtually to hear your needs.

Thank you for reaching out.






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