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  • 14 January 2021
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I have a situation where kits will be produced in one warehouse then transferred to another warehouse using at transfer sales order.  However, when I plan replenishments and don’t have a replenishment method assigned to the kit items in the production warehouse, I cannot get an amount to process in the prepare replenishment grid.

I could set up bogus replenishment parameters, but want to avoid that.  

Any help on planning replenishments for kits?  I think maybe there is a gap here.




3 replies

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What do you plan to use the ‘Inventory Replenishment’ functionality for - generating transfer orders from Produciton Warehouse or for generating Kit Assembly ? The  ‘Inventory Replenishment’ can;t generate Kit Assemblies - you need the Manufacturing Module with Materials Requirements Planning

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Thanks Mark,

There are a couple of things at work here. First, if i sell a non-stock kit, i cannot see the component demand in replenishment grid. So i don’t know to purchase them. 

Second, if i am a distributor that does have stock kits and need to be able to plan replenishments, I would like to be able to keep that replenishment process the same as my purchasing.  Requiring the manufacturing modules so i have to set up BOMs and run MRP for simple kit replenishment turns my attention to packages for distributors that will manage kit replenishment and away from Acumatica.

I am trying to build a solution for a distributor, not a manufacturer. If manufacturing is the only way, I will add to the ideas page.


Thank you,


Hello All,


 I know this conversation is a year old, but I have exactly the same situation today.  Has anyone found a solution short of recommending Manufacturing for Kit Replenishment?



Michael Scott

High Touch Technologies



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