Question about Shipping Terms (CS208000)

From the help file on the Shipping Terms (CS208000) form:

Invoice Freight Price Based On The base document to be used for the freight price calculation in a sales order invoice with the current shipping terms selected. You can select one of the following settings:
  • Shipment (default): The system copies the freight price from the related shipment to the invoice.
  • Sales Order: The system copies the freight price from the related sales order to the invoice (fully or partially if the shipment is partial).

Can anyone tell me what the highlighted text means in terms of expected behavior? In my testing, when I set this “Invoice Freight Price based on” to “Sales Order”: and create shipments that I believe are “partial”, the freight price still transfers fully, not partially.

Perhaps my understanding of the phrase “if the shipment is partial” is off.

The way it reads, it seems that intended functionality is to distribute the shipping charges across all of the shipments that come from one sales order, but it doesn’t seem clear how they would distribute (line ext price % of order subtotal? weight?) Can anyone help?


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@emery97 Yes, Partial means Sales Order Shipment created is not including all items and when you select Sales Order Option, unlike Shipment option, it applies the whole freight amount to invoice as it bases the Sales Order with all Items for the Freight.

That being said, if you want to Invoice Partial Shipment and charge customer for the freight based on the  Qty being Shipped, Shipment is the option you need to select for Shipping Term and Invoice Freight Price Based On field.

The help file clearly states when selecting “Sales Order” in this setting, you do have an option to PARTIALLY copy the freight price from the related Sales Order to the Invoice.

Sounds like you are confirming that the below part of the help file is written incorrectly. Are you?

“Sales Order: The system copies the freight price from the related sales order to the invoice (fully or partially if the shipment is partial)”

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@emery97 Please check your Sales Order Preferences and verify the value for Freight Calculation Settings → Freight Allocation on Partial Shipping:

  • Full Amount First Time to assign the freight amount to the first shipment created for the order
  • Allocate Proportionally to distribute the freight amount among shipments proportionally to partial shipment amounts


Thank you Mr. Kabiri!

Exactly what I was looking for.

One more question: how is the proportion calculated?

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@emery97  would be based on price of item being shipped / Total Price of Sales Order

Below article should have more information about the Shipping Terms for you:


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