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  • 12 October 2023
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We are trying to schedule (automate) our Request to Requisition to PO process. However, we think the process will need manual intervention to change the Requisition status from On Hold to Open before creating POs. Is there an option to turn off the status of the Requisition automatically being created as On Hold? I can see an option to do this for the creation of the PO, in the Purchase Requisition Preferences screen (checkbox called Create Purchase Order on Hold), but nothing for the Requisitions.



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6 replies

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Hi @rlowe311074 Here is the reason for not having the Hold settings in the Requisition preference screen.

The moment the HOLD is removed the status changes to Pending Bidding which means you can enter any details to the Requisition Form. Hence, you do not have a settings to keep in on Open or Balanced status like other screens.

Screenshot for your ref:


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Thanks @ChandraM, that makes sense. Any suggestions on how we might be able to automate the process then? We only really want human interaction at the start (creating/releasing the Request) and at the end (releasing the PO). Otherwise it doesn’t work as well as we’d have liked. We are only using the process for internal purchased item requests/POs e.g. no bidding would be required.

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Hi @rlowe311074 Thanks for the update. Appreciated!

Here is what can be done without code and without customization. But, some has to review and remove hold on Requisitions.

  1. Change the Inquiry to Enable Mass Action on records


  1. Add the Remove Hold to the Mass Action tab
  2. Review the Remove Hold in the Inquiry


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Hi @rlowe311074 There is a way to schedule this Action.

  1. Create an Import Scenario for the Requisitions Screen to remove Hold
  2. Schedule the process using the screen “Process Import Scenarios”’


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Thanks @ChandraM, I’ll give it a go!

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Hit another snag! When scheduling using the Create Requisition screen, the schedule errors & fails because the mandatory Creator field (in the Requisitions I’m trying to create) cannot be empty. I can’t see anywhere in the Automation Schedules tabs that I could specify this, only Conditions & Filter Values which would narrow the pre selection criteria down. Is there a way to insert a Creator (I assume we would have to specify the same Creator for every Requisition?)? I assume the Process All action that I am trying to call works when I do it manually as it uses my login to fill the Creator field?




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