Process Orders / Create Shipment will not list sales order after a line item is partially shipped

  • 12 December 2023
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We allow backorders on sales orders. There are 2 different scenarios.  The first scenario is working where we ship some but not all line items (ex. ship line 1 complete, backorder line 2); the sales order goes to Back Order status, and when we are ready to ship the remaining line items, we go into Process Orders / Create Shipment, and select the sales order from the list.

The second scenario is not working where we ship a partial quantity off a sales order line item (ex. ship only 5 units out of 10).  The sales order goes to Back Order status as expected, but Process Orders / Create Shipment will not list the sales order.  We have to Open the sales order to make it come up on the list.

Are we doing something incorrectly?


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7 replies

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@mhatrick : did you checked already the wiki?

Hi, Patrick.  Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have.  Replanning is not an issue for us, and the partially-shipped line item shows the correct status of SO Back Ordered in allocations.

We can create a new shipment if we go from the Sales Orders screen (without having to Open the sales order again).  We do not want our Shipping department to do it that way, though, because they create all other shipments from the Process Orders screen.  They can’t find the order there, so someone else has to intervene right now by either Opening the order or creating the shipment for them.

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Hi @mhatrick 

i have retested it in 23.112.0035 and your mentioned Scenario is working on my side: the system shows me the back ordered Sales order to create a shipment. FYI: i used the “replan back orders” config (IN101000). Did you checked this flag as well on your side?

Hi, Patrick. Thank you for your quick response.

We don’t have that flag set in our live account, but I turned it on in our test tenant. I then entered a new sales order with 1 line item for 5 units of a stock item. The order showed up in Process Orders / Create Shipment.  I shipped 1 unit only, so now 4 units are on backorder.  The order does not show up in Process Orders.  (But I was able to create a shipment from the Sales Orders screen.)

This is what the SO line looks like now.


Hi again.  This is strange.  It is now working!

I’m still in our test tenant.  I entered another new sales order and repeated the same experiment, and the order shoed up in Process Orders / Create Shipment.  Not only that, but I see the first order there as well.

I don’t know what changed in between, but it is definitely working.

I will do more testing before I turn on that Replan Back Orders flag in our live account.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @mhatrick 

sounds good. You took into account, that you have to receive new items (e.g. PO receipt) before the backorder prcoess will work? 

Without the “replan back orders” Flag you have to handle it manually:

Manual Replanning of Back Orders

If automatic replanning is switched off— that is, if the Replan Back-Orders check box is cleared on the Inventory Preferences (IN101000) form— you can run the manual replanning process for the needed inventory items from the Recalculate Inventory (IN505000) form with the Replan Back Orders check box selected. Also, you can configure a schedule to run the process on that form at an appropriate interval, such as once a day.

Hi, Patrick.  Thank you for being so helpful!

We are a manufacturing company, and we use MRP and Advanced Planning & Scheduling.  When a sales order goes on backorder, it’s usually a result of either production or supply-chain problems.  It’s just a temporary delay, hopefully resolved within a few days when we receive the late items … meaning we’ve never used the system for either automatically or manually replanning back orders (we are still pretty new at Acumatica too, only 15 months in).

So I think I’ll have to give this more thought ...


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