On Request screen how does the Amount Spent field get updated

  • 9 June 2023
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1 reply


Created a request

Observe in the Budget tab, that the budget is in account 63000:


On the Budget screen > Purchasing Expenses node, add Amount $12,000.00 to Account 63000:


On Release Budgets screen, click PROCESS ALL to get the budget released.



To get the Amount Spent field to populate, create a Request for a Non-Stock Item.

 - On the Non-Stock Item screen, change the Expense Account to 63000:


Request looks like this:



Create Requistion:



View Bidding, Complete Bidding


Create Purchase Order

Place PO on Hold

Add Discount to line



Enter Purchase Receipt:


In Other tab, open the IN document:


On the Receipt, open the Batch Nbr.:


Observe the discounted amount $490 hit account 63000, not $500 from the Request:


Back on the Request > Budget tab, observe $490.00 has populated Amount Spent:





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