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  • 19 May 2021
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Is there a way to get Non-Stock Kits to be accepted for Landed Costs?

The system allows for you to Purchase Receipt Non-Stock Items, however it won’t let you add the Receipt lines to the Landed Cost document. Our client both buys and transfers Non-Stock Kits. This is for ease of use for Transfers and a necessity for the Purchasing as they split everything when it comes in just in case.


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3 replies

Additional to this I have found that Receipting a Non-Stock Kit doesn’t create a cost price for any of the components. This means I would suggest avoiding using Non-Stock Kits on Purchase Orders unless someone knows a way around this.

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Non-stock kits don’t hold inventory; they are “exploded” to individual inventory IDs at shipment creation time. The fact that you are able to do a receipt on it almost looks like a bug to me, I’m not sure I see a scenario where that would make sense given the current design of non-stock kits.

Was your goal to have the non-stock kit “disassembled” into all its components for inventory tracking purposes?

Hi Gabriel,

It was actually the client who had done a deal with a supplier for all the products that make up a Non-Stock Kit that they had created. He thought he could receipt the items in and it let him. He then checked with us if this the way to do it and found what had happened. We reversed the process and got him to put each line in manually after that.

I guess he was looking at a quick way to add things. That is the nature of users and hard to QA for. :wink:


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