KitAssembly REST API - Disassembly

  • 27 September 2022
  • 1 reply

Hello, I cannot get a KitAssembly, Type=Disassembly to create through the REST API.  I am able to create a KitAssembly, Type=Disassembly through the Acumatica Kit Assembly user interface but a similar transaction through the REST API fails.  I am also able to create a KitAssembly, Type=Production through the REST API.

I am making an assumption that a Disassembly type REST API call would be rather similar to the Production type REST API call.  I am using the same data structure just changing the Type to Disassembly. 

There are two errors that I get back that stick out:

[LocationID] ‘STERILE’ cannot be found in the system.

KitAssembly.ReasonCode. ‘Reason Code’ cannot be empty.

Both of the above properties are being set in my API call and they do exist.

1 reply

Adding additional details, here is my JSON for my call:


    "id": null,

    "rowNumber": 0,

    "note": null,

    "Allocations": null,

    "_Date": {

        "value": "2022-09-29T00:00:00-04:00"


    "Description": {

        "value": "XM1175111"


    "Hold": null,

    "KitInventoryID": {

        "value": "40580"


    "LocationID": {

        "value": "MAIN"


    "PostPeriod": {

        "value": "09-2022"


    "Qty": {

        "value": 1.0


    "ReasonCode": {

        "value": "USEDFORPARTS"


    "ReferenceNbr": null,

    "Revision": null,

    "Status": null,

    "Type": {

        "value": "Disassembly"


    "UOM": {

        "value": "CASE"


    "WarehouseID": {

        "value": "XODUS"


    "custom": null,

    "files": null




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