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A client wants to hide the Release button in the Invoices screen for all users except for themselves. I found the topic linked below that mentioned I can do this via the Access Rights by Role screen, but I was a bit unsure of how to implement it to make sure only one user can see this button.



In Acumatica, I know that a user can be assigned to multiple roles. So, in order to hide a button from all other users, would I need to change the permissions for each role except for the Admin role for example?


If not, what would you recommend to implement these new access rights?


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In Acumatica, if one role has an access right defined explicitly that other roles specify as inherited, all the other roles lose access by default.


In the past, I've set up roles for very specific purposes like this. The key is to specify the role to allow Edit access to the action while all other roles have inherited access.

Two things:

I would specify the same access right for the Administrator, because that's just good administration.

Secondly, you can't specify an explicit right to a child of a right that is inherited. You must first specify the parent right explicitly, and then the child. You'll get an error detailing this if you try it.


Then simply add the role to the user's permitted roles.

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Thanks for that Daryl!

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Similar question here with more details. 



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