Error "There are no lines in this document that may be entered in PO Receipt Document"

  • 19 April 2022
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    We are trying to generate from PO to PO receipt . However, the system pop up error


But strange, the same Item and same vendor, we did generate successfully on another PO 5 days ago.


                    How can we fix it, please help.
we are using Build 21.208.0032

3 replies

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I don’t know the back logic behind it, and I don’t know how this error occur.

But user can do this as work around:


1,  check the every line “completed” field
p.s, this is strange, every line is not completed. but looks like the system treat it as completed


2,  After the step 1, the PO would become completed status automatically. Now, click the reopen order.


3,  Uncheck the “completed” field on every line, and resave.

Now, the PO is restored, we can enter PO receipt again.

Although this is a work around, but there might be something wrong in Acumatica  Build 21.208.0032. So , can the support team check. 
Thank you.

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Hi @ray20 

Are there any customization on those screens? Have not seen this issue before.


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Hello, We do have a customization on PO screen, but no workflow involved. Never touch workflow, and never touch  any document or po line status field, nor complete flag. never.
And this customization run for 3 years.
And this issue just happen once. I mean , not all PO encounter this issue.
And the user reported this issue did not know how to reproduce it.

I suspect, in some rare cases, the user try to generate the PO to PO receipt but failed, however, the poline status has been changed.  so next time, it failed.

Put it on watch. Also, if the support team can review the codes, it would be better.


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