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  • 25 January 2023
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I am looking for any suggestions on how to handle a common pricing issue for our company.  We are distributor of stone related products for fabricators and end users   We are using Acumatica Distribution edition 2021 R1 (soon to upgrade to 2022 R2)

Specifically we want to apply a discount to a product (item id#) where discount is calculated off of default price of the item rather than the unit price entered.

Assume we can setup a manual discount code to make this happen (the same logic would be applied to either specific list of SKU’s (items) or possibly and item class.  Again we want to apply a specific discount that brings the unit price down to a specific dollar amount based on the default price for the ITEM ID on the sales order form.

An over simplistic but real example would be that the default price is $24.49 for Item “A” and want to bring the price down to $20.23 (which is $4.26 each or 17.4% off).  The discount code setup is easy but the application to the sales order line item is where I feel it fall apart for me especially when incorporating contract pricing. 

  • if we set discount percent to 17.4% it’ll attempt to recalc off of the adjusted unit price or the unit price at the time the discount code is initially entered
  • Contract pricing for customers on specific items also causes some headaches when applying discount codes because in general Acumatic pricing module allows for double-dipping on customers item level pricing (it allows a contract price that is less than default and the modules allows for a discount code to be applied on an already discounted item

I have not seen any specific information where the “discounts” module has changed from 2021 R1 to 2022 R2


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Hi @hmarambio 

I think this would require a customization.  You can ask your partner if they have the development resources available to do this for your organization.  If they don’t, they can collaborate with other partners that provide development services around Acumatica.


David Eichner, CPA

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David -- Thanks for confirming what I already suspected regarding the discounts module. I was hoping that I just missed a setup option

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@hmarambio please also visit the Acumatica Marketplace - there is an Advanced Pricing solution there that extends Acumatica to cover advanced pricing scenarios like contract pricing.  This may be less expensive and more practical than a customization. 


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