Discount Code based on Customer Location

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Group Discount codes have a number of way to be configured.

However, Customer Location is not one of the available options.

We have a need to be able to set discounts per specific customer locations.

Any thoughts on how this may be accomplished without a customization?



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Each location can have a different customer price class which you can use to set different discounts. Depending on the exact pricing rules that could get messy quickly though. 

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Configure group discount code by Price Class and then assign Price Class to the customer location.  


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Markusray and Laura,


Please know that taking the time to answer this question personally improved my day more than you will ever know.

I’m marking Mark’s post as Best answer as I can only choose one and he was first by 3 minutes.

Sincerely, thank you both.

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Doh - tripped up by my hunt-and-peck typing once again…. too slow! 😄


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