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  • 19 September 2023
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A customer is a branch of a head office. Some invoices for the customer are billed to the head office and paid for by head office (purchase of equipment). Other invoices for the customer are billed to the branch and paid for by the branch (consumable items).

If I setup the child / parent relationship, is there any way of choosing that some invoices are not the responsibility of the parent but of the child?





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Invoices that are the responsibility of the Child will have the Child’s customer id on them. Invoices that are the responsibility of the Parent customer will have the Parent Customer’s ID on them. 

Payments from the Parent customer can be applied to invoices for either the parent customer ID or customer ID of its children.


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Thanks for the reply Laura. Could you elaborate on the “responsibility”.

Customer ABC (child) is setup with customer DEF as its parent.

I’m creating a sales order for the branch customer (ABC). How do I flag this sales order (and resulting invoice) as the responsibility of customer ABC instead of DEF. I can’t see anywhere where I can change who the billing customer is (the branch or the parent).

Or are you saying, that for an invoice to be the responsibility of the parent, then the customer selected for the sales order is the parent? Ideally I still want to know the child customer even if it is being paid for by the parent.

Sorry if I have missed something obvious.



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I don’t think you’ve missed something obvious; you are trying to ‘tweak’ the order process to make it more meaningful for the way your company handles orders & invoices.

Yes, my thinking is what you said in the 2nd paragraph, “accounting” Responsibility is the Customer ID that is on the sales order and invoice. Ship To addresses can be selected separately on Addresses tab, and will be printed on the documents, in the case where DEF owns the Order and Invoice but product is being shipped to an alternate child location. 

One option you might investigate is use of Customer Locations. It’s another way of showing Parent-child relationship on each document.  When using Customer Locations, the standard Aging reports don’t separate & sum invoices by location.

Child customer could be a location of the parent customer

Another idea is a User Defined Field on the Sales orders, with lookup into Customer ID list, that could record the ID of the Child, and could then be printed on documents.


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