Current costs not being updated from PO receipts

  • 21 June 2023
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We have a non-stock item.

PO receipts is updating the “last vendor price” as expected.

However, when we add this as material on a production order, it does not use this cost.  It uses the cost from the price cost tab.


Am I missing something.  The expectation is that PO receipts will update costs on the non-stock items so when they are placed on the production order they have the proper cost from the PO receipt.

Right now it appears that the costs have to be manually entered.

Any guidance is appreciated.


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6 replies

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You are not missing anything.  Today the Purchase is received into inventory and the Production Order uses the cost based on the item cost valuation method.

There is a roadmap item to provide direct purchase to production linking.

The idea below is specific to outside process - but we will look to enhance any material where Mark for PO is checked and there is a direct link.


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Thanks for the reply!

I am aware that costs going to the production order will come from the non-stock item and not a linked PO.

However, that is not my question.

The costs on the non-stock are not being updated when a previous PO is received.  Only the Last Vendor Price is being updated.

So if I received in a PO for a non-stock item last month, I would expect it to have a cost the next time I place that non-stock item on a production order.

Right now, it appears that the cost must be manually entered for each non-stock item and the system never automatically populates the costs.

Is that correct?

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What is the cost valuation for the item you are receiving?

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Angie, I called you Debbie, I am old and ask for your forgiveness and understanding.

The question is for non-stock items.  There is no valuation method.


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I am going to move this to the Distribution thread as there will be more qualified people to assist.  I did a quick test and saw the same behavior.  I am unsure how/if last cost gets updated for non-stock items.

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I added this as an enhancement request here:

The costs on non-stock items are not being updated when a PO is received. | Community (


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