Can you create shipments early on Process Orders

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Setting up Process Orders screen with the goal of creating shipments 2 days prior to the request/ship date if the item is available.


How do I set up the automation schedule for this scenario:

Today is June 15th.

SO00001 has a Request Date of June 17th.

On June 15th, the shipment should get created automatically with a Shipment Date of June 17th.


However, there are also scenarios where the item that is shipping is not available until the shipment date of June 17th. In these cases, the automation should run as soon as the item is available and should retain the shipment date/request date of June 17th.


Current set up below:


In this set up, it only works in the first example above. Today is June 15th, item is available, and the request date is 2 days from now.

However, in the case this item was completed in production on June 17th, I would want the shipment to be created for June 17th. But with this automation schedule, it would create the shipment for June 19th instead.


How can I create an automation schedule that creates a shipment two days in advance with a shipment date of the SO request date? And if the item only comes available 1 day in advance or on the same date, it stills creates the shipment with a shipment date of the SO request date?  

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