Can't put a sales order back on credit hold if it was manually released from credit hold

  • 28 August 2023
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Situation: sales order was changed to Credit Hold status when the SO was taken off hold. A user clicked the REMOVE CREDIT HOLD button and the order is now open.

It appears there is no way to put that SO back on credit hold. If the order is put back on regular HOLD and then taken off hold. It does not go back through the credit checks, it just opens the SO.

Is this how it’s supposed to function?

How do I get the order back on credit hold?

Thank you!


Best answer by Robert Sternberg 28 August 2023, 15:55

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4 replies

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Hi @donnadeskins55 

This is functioning as expected.  Once the credit check has been manually verified once it will not automatically return to credit hold.   

One way to manually trigger the credit check again is to modify a line.  I recommend changing the extended cost of an item, this will trigger the credit check function and subsequently credit hold. You can change the price back to the original and the credit hold will remain in effect. 


Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Robert Sternberg 

It seems there should be a way to manually put an order on credit hold if there’s a manual override to take it off credit hold.

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@donnadeskins55 can you please post as an Idea?

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Definitely. I was going to do that then got sidetracked lol


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