Block Items not allocated to the PO Vendor

Every Purchase Order requires a Vendor. Every Item has a Vendor attached to it. How do I tell a PO to only allow line items who are set for the vendor on the PO?


Example: I am buying from Bob on a PO, but Acumatica lets me try to buy an item that is only sold by Frank. If a PO is for Bob, why can’t the item selector only show me items buyable from Bob? I don’t care about the things I can buy from Frank. This would also help ensure that the vendors are attached properly (like Bob sells Milk, but I don’t see Milk on my list, so I know something is off on the item). Hopefully this is a toggle somewhere I’m missing.

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Hi @Michael Hansen Please use the “ADD ITEM” button which opens “Inventory Lookup” popup.

The Check box “Only Vendor Items” will enable the user to only look into the Vendor’s Items, select the required item to be replenished, and add to the PO.

Kindly verify and confirm.



That’s handy, but can this be enabled on the screen itself, rather than a pop-up window? I’d like to have this applied globally so no one can order items unless they’re set for the vendor on the PO.

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Hi @Michael Hansen Please try to disable the Option “+” that adds new line with Access Control. And provide instructions to user to use only the “ADD ITEM” options on the popup. Hope this will provide you the expected functionality without any customizations.


I do appreciate the advice, but my users just double click the space at the bottom of the PO screen to add a line. We really don’t want to make the job slower by having them access a pop-up window (the idea is to make things faster with this change). Can we not set a global filter that PO’s can’t hold items that they’re not supposed to hold?


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