Add ability to restrict users by Sales Order Type

  • 18 October 2020
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Could this be reconsidered
was said it be available, however what is available seems to be a workaround not so much of a solution.


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You are correct. There is another feature request, which has been marked as ‘Future consideration’. So, looks like the feature is on product road map.



I'm not getting to the link you posted this feature available now, as I don’t think there would be a way to do this via field level security?



I just received this request today from a customer and was checking for options here.  It sounds like only that workaround from a few years ago is the only non-modification way to accomplish this still?

hey guys….can you post a new link to the workaround, as neither in this post can be reached

first one takes me to a PO link?

second one to nothing at all


i will take a workaround at this point



I was seeing the same on Friday when I was poking around.  If you go to the main search and I type in ‘restrict order type’, you see 2 matches that refer to restrict users by order type.  The one with the light bulb next to it (idea area) has the workaround.  Hope this helps.  Bob

thanks Bob….i got more then 2 results in my search...and don’t see a light bulb...but i assume you meant this workaround that someone came up with?

You can already do this by using list entry points that was introduced in Acumatica 5; just create a list which only lists "QT" types, and make the order type field read-only so that user cannot change it.

Not quite sure how this would work, as we would want the majority of folks to use the default SO type...but i can put in a case to see what this means exactly?


thanks again



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